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Title Band Of Brothers
Publisher Simon & Schuster UK
ISBN 1471170055
label Simon & Schuster UK
Author Stephen E. Ambrose
Release 2017-09-05
Type Paperback
Brand Simon & Schuster UK
Pages 336
Price £8.99
Category Military Life & Institutions

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You can additionally check out online on our site. Getting this e-book by downloading the soft file or read online on our site is very straightforward. You must obtain this e-book on our web site due to the fact that we supply you several publications with various authors as well as authors around the world.As grippingly as any novelist, preeminent World War II historian Stephen Ambrose uses Band of Brothers to tell the horrifying, hallucinatory saga of Easy Company, whose 147 members he calls the nonpareil combat paratroopers on earth circa 1941-45. Ambrose takes us along on Easy Company’s trip from gruelling basic training to Utah Beach on D-day, where a dozen of them turned German cannons into dynamited ruins resembling “half-peeled bananas”, on to the Battle of the Bulge, the liberation of part of the Dachau concentration camp, and a large party at Hitler’s “Eagle’s Nest”, where they drank the his (surprisingly inferior) champagne. Of Ambrose’s main sources, three soldiers became rich civilians; at least eight became teachers; one became Albert Speer’s jailer; one prosecuted Robert Kennedy’s assassin; another became a mountain recluse; the despised, sadistic CO who first trained Easy Company (and to whose strictness many soldiers attributed their survival of the war) wound up a suicidal loner whose own sons skipped his funeral. The Easy Company survivors describe the hell and confusion of any war: the senseless death of the nicest kid in the company when a souvenir Luger goes off in his pocket; the execution of a GI by his CO for disobeying an order not to get drunk. Despite the gratuitous horrors it relates, Band of Brothers illustrates what one of Ambrose’s sources calls “the secret attractions of war … the delight in comradeship, the delight in destruction … war as spectacle”. —Tim Appelo
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